THE (hi) STORY    


The Past

We were playing a strange game in the 70s and ‘80s with hockey sticks and  a tennis ball – we pretended to be the Czechs, the Russians and the Canadians – the Russians always won in the end, of course, times were bad…

Then, in the end of the ‘90s, some of us found themselves in an old basic school gym in our town where our friend Václav Vlček gave us strange plastic sticks in our hands – we immediately fell in love with the ball with holes in it…

After years of massacres in this small place without even a touch of rules (a lacerated wound in someone´s head – no surprise!) we rented a larger gym at the secondary school in Domažlice. There sense appeared in what we were doing in the field. We discovered that the game we were trying to play is called  FLOORBALL!

We played two games against “kids” from the secondary school in Domažlice and they sprang a surprise on us – they appointed a referee and set up rules! We played several friendly games and won most of them (and this encouraged us!).

We called ourselves “Black Horses”. We won the fifth place in the SportBar Cup in Domažlice (May 2003) making our first public appearance. And things were only getting better.

We finished second in the BierBoys Cup (Domažlice August 2003)!

What’s more, we were registered in a new independent competition played in the region of Domažlice called the Chod Floorball League (CHFL - 8 teams – in October 2003.

We finished 4th in regular season 2003/4, beat all rivals in the play-off (April 2004) and were the winners!


Season 2004/5

We captured first place in CHFL regular season 2004/5 (10 teams) again – even without a single loss. But in play-off it was our rivals who laughed - in semifinal we lost to FbC Domažlice Juniors, and then in the 3rd place match we lost again (to Pittbulls Tlumačov this time). Fourth place meant a really big disappointment…

We have taken part in some tournaments in that season – we won the BierBoys Cup (Domažlice, August 2004) and the GoGo Cup (Horšovský Týn, March 2005).

After the success in CHFL in 2004 five players of our team were chosen to form a new team with other players from our region to represent Domažlice in competitions organized by the Czech Floorball Union (CFbU) in season 2004/5. This team called Jiskra Domažlice Oranges succeeded and won its division.


Season 2005/6

In July 2005 we took part in “Amsterdamned 2005” floorball tournament in Netherlands and we finished third!!! It was really a great experience.

But we were not that successful in the rest of the season. In CHFL we lost in quarterfinal after quite embarrassing show and finished seventh. Our team was not complete in the deciding matches but our efforts seemed disgusting a bit.

Even in traditional local tournaments our position became worse – 3rd places in BierBoys Cup and the GoGo Cup were not what we had expected.

Oranges “A” with 4 players of ours did not managed the play-off in NorthWest (4th) League and finished forth, so they did not advanced to 3rd Czech league.

Oranges “B” with 6 MIB players took the first place in Pilsen Region Championship (5th League) but unfortunately they could not advance to NorthWest League due to unsuccessful efforts of A-team; there cannot play two teams of one club in the same league

In June 2006 we went abroad again and played the Slovenian Open in Skofja Loka near Lublin – we captured 4th place in the end, when in semifinal we lost to later winner Sparta Praha.


Season 2006/7

A new, quite infectious disease spread in our team – deliveries…J Our wives and girlfriends gave birth to 4 new florball players so far, the fifth one is on the way.

After average performances we finished on the 4th place in ChFL. No success, no disappointment.

With a little help of our friends from Tlumacov we formed a new team called FbC Domazlice Tiger Lillies, playing the 5th league, but after some formal mistakes in registration of players we finished third this year. Disappointing a bit… but the Fortune is changeable, tables are turning and now it looks we will advance to the 3rd league because of the new regional division of CFbU competitions…J That is the way it is.

We are looking forward to Veszprem Open 2007 in August, Veszprem, Hungary.


Men in Black in season 2006/7:

Goalies: Pavel Nožíř (No.67 – age 20), Martin Čadek (1 -33)

Defenders: Marek Stloukal (13 - 31), Vašek  Sladký (12 - 31), Štěpán Handlovský (10 – 29), Jirka Brož (9 – 30), Rosťa Šlajs (5 – 33)

Forwards: Karel Fait (7 - 31), Rosťa Hlaváč (91 - 30), Radek Fořt (21 – 31), Václav Podskalský (8 - 33), David Bor (14 – 24), Michal Havlovic (C, 4 – 38), Jaroslav Husník (77 – 30) and Marcel Maurer (97 – 31).

The Future

The focus of our efforts as the Men-in-Black team always seemed to be drinking beer (mainly), talking about girls… and we hope it is going to continue that way forever… J NO!!! Just kidding!


(FbC Jiskra Domažlice Men in Black

is an informal association of people covering their alcoholic excesses by floorball. It is organized within the floorball club FbC Jiskra Domažlice. FbC Jiskra Domažlice is part of the sports club TJ Jiskra Domažlice and is officially registered in CFbU (Czech Floorball Union), a member of IFF (International Floorball Federation).



is a small medieval city with 11,000 inhabitants in Western Bohemia (= Czech Republic), 10 km away from the Czech-German border, on the way from Prague to Regensburg and Munich. Although not much populated, it is a lively place with many cultural and sport activities.


Czech Republic

is a country somewhere in the east (maybe in Russia? – no, that´s Chechnya) where people play hockey and drink beer. Do you know anything/anybody from the Czech Republic? Havel, Nedved, Jagr? Pilsner beer? John Paul II? You´re wrong – he was Polish J .)